Treatment Modalities

A clinical examination (consultation) usually lasting an hour initially is conducted. Following the consultation it may be necessary to undergo special investigations to confirm a diagnosis e.g. MRI Scan or blood tests. When a diagnosis has been made – treatment options are discussed and in many instances a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary (i.e involvement of clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and dietician).


The treatment plan is holistic, aimed at increasing mental vitality and ultimately optimizing functioning.


In certain instances it may be necessary to be admitted to a psychiatric Hospital for more intensive treatment and assessment. Admission can be arranged to Denmar psychiatric Hospital (


Treatment Modalities include:

·         Medication (pharmacological agents)

·         Psychological interventions:

·         Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

·         Supportive therapy

·         Psycho-dynamic therapy


Our psychiatric practice specializes in:

·         Mood Disorders: Depressive Disorders and Bipolar Mood Disorders

·         Anxiety Disorders: specific phobia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

·         Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders

·         Substance related disorders

·         Personality disorders

·         Sexual disorders

·         Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia

·         Impulse control disorders: pathological gambling

·         Attention Deficit Disorders in adults

·         Sleep disorders

·         Mental disorders related to – General medical conditions, Epilepsy, SLE, Multiple sclerosis

·         Mental disorders due to – Head injuries

·         Chronic fatigue syndrome

·         Chronic pain

·         Disorders relating to memory impairment and global cognitive impairment: Delirium, Dementia including Alzheimer’s dementia